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DIY Cookie Table Bridge™ Kit

DIY Cookie Table Bridge™ Kit

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Have some crafting ability and want to save some money? Our new Cookie Table Bridge Kits are just for you then. Your kit will include EVERYTHING you need to create a full cookie table bridge (Instructions, hot glue stick, bridge pieces of choice, piers, and lights). Don’t have a hot glue gun? We offer those too for a slight up charge.  Now offering the following bridges: Standard (Foam core road)-Clemente,  Fort Pitt, Smithfield (Blue and Gold), Liberty, Hot Metal, Elizabeth, and Tarentum. All Plastic (plastic road/thicker bridges): (all options included under Standard). At this time, we are not offering the Elegant Clemente (front most bridge in picture)as an option here due to the complexity of construction. All other bridges have minimal difficulty for assembly.


Please do not expose to elevated temperatures as warping may occur. 

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